Advantages of being a VIP player

VIP is a qualifier used to designate those distinguished players within a Casino.

The word comes from the English (Very Important Person) and has been established within the Spanish language with the same distinctive meaning as in the English language.

You can not qualify a bettor, as a VIP player lightly, but this select group of gamblers gather not one, but several characteristics that separate them from the rest, they are: fidelity, strong bets, intelligence and attitude .

A preferential player is not done in a couple of days, with two visits to the same gambling halls, on the contrary this recognition is gained as our history in a certain place increases and our knowledge with the manager or directors is increasing .

Next you will see some of the benefits that you will enjoy being a VIP player of online casinos:
Generous welcome bonus to the VIP Club.
Improvement in the conversion of Comps-Cash.
Deadlines for shorter withdrawals.
Your own “account manager” (in most casinos).
Access to elite promotions, contests and deposit flexibility.
Greater flexibility in the terms of your account.
Gifts and details at the highest level.

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