Affleck and Schwimmer use their gambling skills in new poker movie


Director of Incident at Loch Ness Zak Penn is going to try his skills in creating a comic feature set around an international poker tournament.

According to Hollywood Reported quoted by, the comedy is to star poker fan Ben Affleck, David Schwimmer, William H. Macy, Richard Kind and German director Werner Herzog. The shooting is expected to begin in February 2005 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

Though Penn’s debut Incident at Loch Ness was rolling out slowly in theaters, he has now good chances for success due to his serious involvement in poker and advanced skills. He has played poker every week since high school. He even has drawn cards with each member of his cast except Macy, who starred in the gaming-themed The Cooler but isn’t a gambler.

The director will present each cast member with a fully fleshed-out character. This initial basis will be used for creating the bulk of improvised scenes.

“The biggest problem the cast and I will face is that we will lose all of our fees playing cards while staying at the hotel,” Penn said. The director also disclosed his plans to enlist other card-playing actors for filming.

An Irish mathematics graduate turned down a £40,000 a year banking job, saying she could earn more money playing internet poker, reported.

According to The Sun, Lee-Anne Smyth from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is all set to earn 234,000 pounds a year as earnings. She began playing at university and in the process made so much money, that she refused a banking job.

“Who needs a proper job when I can make what most people earn in a month in a couple of hours?” the paper quoted her as saying.

Lee who logs on to and plays for five hours against other gamblers, betting by credit card said that her 2.2 honours degree in pure and applied mathematics helps her to calculate the odds regarding the number of cards left in the pack.

Lee whose favourite variety happens to be the Texas Hold ‘Em, where players make up their hands from dealt cards and communal ones which are left face up, has reportedly won as much as 7,600 pounds on one single day.

Lee-Anne’s biggest win was £7,600 in one day.

She now owns her £150,000 home outright and paid cash for a £15,000 car.

She is now expecting her first child and plans to marry boyfriend Paul Cranstom, 26, — in Las Vegas.

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